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Guided Discoveries Memorial Fund

This fund has been established in memory of Jody Wilson, Lauren Dunn and Lauren Interess and others. As described by Guided Discoveries Executive Director Ross Turner, it was initially set up as a vehicle to accept contributions from those who wanted to do something in the three women's memory. For example, one school that had just been at Astrocamp at the time of the accident raised and contributed over $800. The Fund has not solicited contributions from the public.

As of the dedication of the Lauren Interess Observatory on November 7, 1999, the fund had risen to about $5000. Mr. Turner further announced at the dedication that on the previous day, the Board of Directors of Guided Discoveries had voted to establish an even longer lasting fund by contributing an additional $25,000.

Now, as schools that had known Lauren Interess at Astrocamp and Lauren Dunn at Catalina during the winter/spring of 1999 return for the year 2000, contributions have continued as they see the beautiful tributes to both of them as well as to Jody.

Under the direction of their colleagues and families, the Guided Discoveries Memorial Fund will be used to educate children about the natural world - a task these three young women strove to accomplish during their lives. We extend our sincere thanks to all who have contributed.

Contributions to the Memorial Fund are made to:

Guided Discoveries Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 1360
Claremont, CA 91711